Simien Pets Waterproof Liner for Dog Beds

Sale Price : $ 35.99
Our Price: $ 43.99
You save: $ 8.00
  • Zippered Waterproof internal liner to protect Simien Pets Large and Extra Large Dog Beds from liquids, bacteria, allergens, milk and dust mites.
  • These liners fit the Extra Large (52 x 36 x 7 in) dog bed and the Large (48 x 30 x 7 in) dog bed by Simien Pet.
  • Our internal liner is made of non-woven fabric and laminated with thermoplastic polyurethane, white in color and 100% waterproof. It is easy to attach to the Simien Pet Dog beds and is great for senior dogs with bladder issues.
  • Recommend to hand wash with mild detergent. Please follow the label for full cleaning instructions.  Do not iron, bleach or use fabric softener.

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