About Us

As dog and cat owners ourselves, we've had several amazing companions over the decades. Unfortunately, it was only recently that we found out that conventional pet foods were potentially harming our precious animals. This is in part because the majority of pet foods are starch-based and lack the nutritional profile that our canines and felines require. In our extensive search for a solution, we found out that unprocessed and rawer pet foods along with a complete profile pet supplement were the key to our dog’s and cat’s optimal health

Now our pets are thriving, spunky and full of life as they go into their golden years. This is our main motivation for starting our Simien Pets line of products. With all the loyalty, joy and companionship our pets have shown us over their lifetime, why wouldn't we give them the best of everything?

If you want to experience the best in optimal pet health, click on one of our products and Add to Cart. 

Simien Pets
73 Carrier St
Asheville, NC 28806

Email: support@simienpets.com
Toll Free Number: (800) 649-2353 

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